Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rasa macam aku nak ceritakan semua ni pada seseorang tapi disudut lain aku ak ingin orang lain tahu kisah aku ini. Apa yang patut aku lakukan sebenarnya. Aku terpaku, aku terpana. Nak luah tak boleh. I just do not trust anyone in person. Kerana mulut badan binasa kan!

So i just keep it inside me. I feel it kicking my heart out. But what else can i say. I am proud to keep it with me instead of letting it go. Day by day i feel emotionally abuse.

I really donno exactly what i need to do, how should i think. Can u make me happy? U never change and its already  years since we met! You gimme the same reason when i ask the same questions since last 2 years. You break my heart very slow and u dont even notice. How could i life with you? but i also cant life without you? When u want to change? DAMN YOU NEED TO ANSWER ALL THIS QUESTIONS before i become crazy........ JUST LIVE ME ALONE!!

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  1. sometime we need someone to listen...but sometime a nice blog would help u so much...do write a lot in this blog so that you'll feel relief... :)